Unlocking the Power of the Past
Techniques To Uncover & Release Past-Life Trauma
So You Can Dance Fully In The Now!

"Actually, we have no problems: we have opportunities for which we should give thanks...An error we refuse to correct has many lives.  It takes courage to face one's own shortcomings and wisdom to do something about them."
- Edgar Cayce

To awaken fully to who you truly are and embrace everything life has to offer can occur easily and effortlessly.  It's simply a matter of re-membering who you are - and to do this it's often necessary to clear the blockages that have made up the illusion of who you have believed you are - the illusions and misunderstandings that stand between you, your Soul, and Your Divine Self.  Quite often the roots of these blockages occurred in past lifetimes and have been carried on into your current life.  As such it is valuable to re-explore these events in order to receive new understanding, initiate healing, remove blocks, and free your life.
As a certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, Master Intuitive, Shamanic Practitioner, Meditation Teacher, Soul Coach, and human being, I have witnessed both personally and professionally over and over again the power, healing, &, love that results when you have the courage to look at your past incarnations & re-member the events, players, &, circumstances that have contributed to the illusion of who you have believed yourself to be.
Working with past lives isn't about the past it's all about being able to be fully present in the NOW!
Learn the healing magic of journeying into your past lives so you can begin to create the miracles in your life that you as a divine child of Source energy really deserve!  Over the course of 5 amazing weeks I will be your guide and facilitator as you learn:
- How to safely, effectively, & comfortably discover your past lives using various traditional and non-traditional techniques

- Recognize and remove limitations that originated in your past lives

- Uncover the symptoms of past-life traumas and how to clear them

-Discover which players in your current life have played with you before and what gifts they have to offer

- Recall choices and agreements you made before you entered the womb this time around and change the ones which no longer serve you

- Release yourself from the karmic wheel once and for all

-  How the new Awakening happening right now all over our planet can facilitate releasing the hold of the past on your present 

- Abilities to move yourself freely, joyfully, & powerfully into the Divinely Inspired life you are truly meant to be living!

I am so passionate about this work!!   I have witnessed firsthand the miracles that are possible in the lives of both the humans and the animals I am honored to work with.  They are the reason I so strongly feel the call to share this amazing healing technique with a larger audience.  As a result of this calling my Angels & Spiritual Team have been teaching me new techniques and protocols in addition to the traditional ones used by so many in the past.  These new techniques and protocols enable this work to be so much more easily accessible and profound.  
Please join me as together we unlock the power of the past, so you can dance freely in the now!
Format: Recorded teleseminar call-in or webcast.
Date: 5 weeks January 7  – February 4 2015
Time: 7 – 9 pm EST
Course Fee:  $247 + HST or 2 payments of $140

*Repeat Power of the Past participants can register for 50% off the regular course fee.* 
Due to the nature of this course we will only accept a maximum of 10 participants
Course Prerequisite: A desire to truly heal, commitment to the process, readiness to let go of the past, and an open mind.  Some experience with meditation or visualization will be helpful.
** Please Note - By registering for this course you acknowledge your understanding that the classes will be recorded and may be utilized in the creation of future programs and products. By registering for this course you are giving your permission to do so.  You may choose to use an alternate name during the course calls to protect your identity if you desire**