The Journey of the Soul

A Workshop For Understanding, Navigating, & Appreciating The Transmutational Journey of Death

Although Death and Dying are natural processes of life here on Mother Earth many people find dealing with this experience and subject matter upsetting, scary, and confusing. Carrying your own blockages and issues regarding death and dying interferes with your ability to participate fully in life thus reducing your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being.  For those working with animals &/or people as communicators, healers, coaches, or, therapists these blockages can limit your ability to help those clients who are dealing with death and dying in many important ways.

By better understanding death's gifts and it's beauty you will find it easier to develop skills that allow you to release any negative emotions you may be carrying in regards to death and dying. The goal of this 1 day workshop is to help give you a new perspective on the role death plays in our lives, life after death, reincarnation, dealing with fears around death, what grief is and how to work with it, as well as how to help support others.  Utilizing wisdom and techniques from a variety of spiritual traditions and healing/therapeutic modalities you will be empowered to find the path to understanding and healing that works best for you.

Register now for this amazing workshop and with the help of your Angels, Guides, Animal helpers and passed loved ones you will begin the journey of healing any past issues you've been carrying surrounding death and free yourself to understand and appreciate the many lessons and gifts this natural passage of life has to offer. Being able to help someone you love, a client, or someone your clients love move gracefully and peacefully through this transition is one of the greatest gifts you can offer!

Some of the techniques you will experience during this workshop:

Shamanic work
Universal Laws
Intuitive Communication

You will also learn about Earth-bound Spirits and leave the workshop with a basic technique for helping these lost spirits transition to the Light. This technique and experience alone will change how you view death forever!


Free yourself  and/or assist others in releasing themselves from the chains of fear and grief and start truly living!!

Details and Pricing:

1 Day Workshop - Paris, Ontario

Course Fee:


6 week Teleseminar

Course Fee:

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