Christine Riedel


Stop The Sabotage!

Live Event & Workshop



Are you tired of going through the same old patterns of behavior that are keeping you tired, struggling, & financially lacking?


Finally finished with being afraid to stand up and stand out as the real ‘YOU’?


Are you ready to make a change that will open the flow of health, balance, and abundance in all areas of your life?


It’s time to stop the sabotage!   You deserve to open the door to your unique sacred mission, cultivate a new-found sense of connection, wonder, & joy, & enjoy a life of unlimited abundance, wholeness, & freedom. 


In this live event and workshop you’ll experience powerful activations, exercises, and discussion that will assist you in:


·         Transmuting the outdated beliefs that have been holding you back

·         Letting go of the parts of the past that no longer serve you

·         Transcending self and others judgment

·         Dissolving self-sabotage by activating the subatomic truth of who you are

·         Activating self-love and creating the foundation necessary to say goodbye to your victim self

·         Experiencing life with your sixth sense

·         Discovering why you are here and where you are headed with clarity


Come play with Christine in this intimate setting and explore just how powerful and expansive you can be!


Limited to 6 people


How long?  10 – 5 + 2 one hour group calls after the event

When?  Saturday April 26th in-person event.  Follow up call dates and times to be discussed during in-person event

Where? Cedarlane Farm, Freelton, Ontario

Investment?  $347 + HST 

Registration Now Open!