Sowing Seeds in The Garden of Abundance 2016

 Setting the Stage for a Year of Powerful Personal & Professional Manifestations


Join me for a 3-part online workshop that culminates during the Capricorn New Moon window to plan and power up your 2016 creations. 

The key to successfully creating and manifesting your creations, dreams, and prosperity is to create a clear plan, activate the vibration of your desires, take aligned inspired action, and open to divine abundance.

Many people have an idea of what they want to grow throughout the year, personally & professionally, but no aligned plan to help them stay the course, focus their energy, &/or clearly move forward with the confident and consistent actions needed to birth your ideas into reality. 

During this workshop you’ll get the opportunity to clearly create a powerful plan and activate the creative forces within and without that will allow you to sow the seeds of abundance that will yield a successful harvest throughout 2016. 

We’ll utilize the powerful energy of the Capricorn sun and moon signs, ensuring a firm foundation for the manifestation seeds that you plant so they grow strong and vibrant.   As an Earth element, Capricorn is the MOST grounded planner of all the 12 astrological archetypes.  Capricorn functions as the Elder, the Grandmothers/Grandfathers that share the traditions and ensure the legacy of wisdom, traditions and environment for the seven generations to come.  If you are looking to birth new or expanded personal and/or professional goals over the next year this is the astrological archetypal energy that will most powerfully assist you to create a life and business that continues to grow and thrive. 


This online workshop lets you experience all the fun and magic of creating an abundant year from the comfort from your home – you can even stay in your comfiest pajamas while you plan and activate a powerful prosperous New Year! 

During this 3 part online workshop you will experience:

Module One – Preparing Fertile Soil for Your Dreams to Grow  

Sunday January 10th   2 – 3:30 pm EST

  - celebrating the harvest of the past year

              - clearing out the weeds of limiting beliefs

             - connecting with your highest purpose & receiving Divine guidance

- setting and activating your intention for the year


Module Two – Planning the Plot 
Tuesday January 12th   7 -8:30 pm EST

-         designing your 2016 magnificent manifestation blueprint

-         prioritizing your creative manifestations & goals


Module Three – Sowing the Seeds

Thursday January 14th    7 – 8:30 pm EST

-         activating your natural manifestation powers

-         clarifying your aligned action steps

-         tending your Garden of Abundance



At the end of our time together you will have:

·        A dynamic blueprint aligned with your highest purpose & heart’s desires

·        The activated intention & focus needed to call your manifestations into being

·        Spiritual support from the personal spiritual guide, power animal, & angel that are ready to assist you throughout the year

·        Guidance from the elemental forces of creation

·        Understanding of how creation works

·        Feeling light, energized and optimistic about the coming year

·        Your abundance channels activated and open to receive all the resources needed to create the most prosperous year ever!


Make 2016 the year you experience the magic of creating a life and business that blooms all year with the manifestations of your heart’s desire.  Register now!


Module One – Sunday January 10th        2 pm

Module Two – Tuesday January 12th       7 pm

Module Three – Thursday January 14th   7pm

All calls will be recorded and you will receive audio and video links to download so you can participate when the timing is convenient for you and have it to utilize again and again throughout the year!

Fee:  Early Bird pricing available until Monday December 28/15 11:59 pm EST

Bronze package $77 + HST includes 4.5 hrs of training, audio & video recordings

Silver package $157 + HST includes everything in Bronze package plus 30 mins of private coaching time

Gold package $197 + HST includes everything in Bronze package plus 45 mins of private coaching time

Platinum package $237 + HST includes everything in Bronze package plus 60 mins of private coaching time


Imagine starting 2016 with a clear plan of how to begin creating and manifesting your heart’s desires for your personal and professional life.  You have the wisdom, knowledge, and skills within you to create a year of abundant harvests within and without.  Give yourself the gift of living a mindful intentional life as you sow the seeds now for an abundant garden that will continue to bloom throughout 2016.   I’m excited to be planting alongside you!

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