Core Shamanism Fundamentals

Ancient Wisdom and Techniques for Modern Day Living in the time of Awakening

Want to connect on a deeper level with your ancestors and their wisdom?
Do you have a desire to understand the world from the perspective of the ancient Mayan shamans?
Have you been hearing/feeling the call of Mother Earth and Creator to assist in the aligning process that we are currently going through?
How would your life change if you could go direct to your higher realms in the Spirit Plane for information and direction?
Imagine how it would impact the lives of your clients if you could activate healing on the spiritual plane - the plane in which the misalignment/dis-ease originally occurred?

The Mayan Shamans, who so many are talking about these days, utilized their connection to the spirits of their ancestors, nature, the land, and beyond to improve the lives of both their own people and those of future generations to come.  Like Shamans the world over they knew that there was more to the world than what one could see and developed ways to access and work with the Spirit Realms.  

Now a days most of us living in Western Society no longer live in communities where we have easy access to the spiritual wisdom and guidance of those trained in "walking between the worlds"   This tradition, however, still does exist among a few traditional aboriginal communities around the world.  Luckily for those of us in the Western world the acclaimed anthropologist and shamanic practitioner, Michael Harner, developed the study and practice of core shamanism creating new opportunities for those who hear the call to practice shamanistic methods world wide.  

I have been a practicing shamanic practitioner for almost 10 years and  have found that the skills I have learned, practiced, refined, honed, and adapted with direct guidance from both my human and spirit teachers has brought to my life and my work the most amazing experiences, wisdom, skills, healing, and gifts.  Not only has the study of shamanism been valuable as a way of healing my own trauma it has improved my intuitive and healing skills with both animals and people.  

As we move forward into 2013 the vibration of the earth will continue to rise resulting in the thinning of the veil between this world and others.  As more and more people on the planet directly experience the influence of the other realms on this one there will become a greater need for those who have the skills to 'walk between the worlds' and deliver the knowledge and activate the healing necessary to assist others in reclaiming their rightful state of health, happiness, and prosperity.  

Throughout the years of working as a shamanic practitioner I have created new ways of working with the spirits that are more efficient, quicker, and kinder for all.  I am excited to finally be called to offer this amazing method and world view to those of  you who are feeling the call.

Join me in experiencing the magic of playing the spirits, journeying to other realms, and, discovering a whole new way of living. 


Shamanism refers to the near-universal practice of entering non-ordinary reality (spiritual reality) for problem solving, well-being and healing. It encourages practitioners to be open to and experience the ancient world view of our ancestors - that all created things whether humans, animals, plants, landscapes, elements, or seasons – have an intelligent communicative life force or spirit.  Core Shamanism teaches and utilizes the core concepts and practices common to aboriginal shamanic practices around the world.  Core Shamanism as a spiritual practice does not require any specific religious beliefs and doesn't represent any particular culture or perspective. Though considered an ancient practice, Shamanism is extremely valuable applied in daily modern life to help you, others, and Mother Earth.  Shamanism deals with the soul causes of ill health, blocks, and traumas providing the means for the shamanic practitioner to activate deep and lasting healing, changes, and increased prosperity.

This 2 day introductory workshop will safely introduce you to the classic shamanic journey - one of the most ancient methods (over 40,000 years old) used by both our ancestors as well as spiritual healers around the world today to explore the hidden universe and access information to bring healing to the community. (Quantum physicists and scientists are now just confirming the information that shamans were sharing with their communities hundreds and even thousands of years ago.)

During this hands-on experiential workshop you will also discover your own individual spiritual allies and teachers, a very important step in shamanic practice. They'll help you discover how to restore spiritual power and health to yourself, others, and Mother Earth.   This is also an introductory workshop in shamanic healing, shamanic divination, power dance, community healing, the basics of creating sacred space, as well as, the role of the drum and other tools. 

Please feel free to bring your own frame drum and/or shaker.

Due to the personal nature of this workshop only a limited number of participants will attend.

**Journey work is not to be taken lightly and requires a dedication to personal self-development and spiritual work in order to master it safely and responsibly.**

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