An Animal Communication session provides an opportunity to hear from your animal and understand their behaviour and health issues from their perspective.  Quite often once it becomes clear why your animal is doing what they are doing the path to resolving the issues for everyone involved becomes a lot easier.  Sometimes there is some compromising that needs to take place before a situation can be fully resolved.

Animal Communication sessions aren't always about dealing with problems though - some clients love to gift their animal companion(s) with a session just to check in with them and ensure that their animal's needs are being taken care of.  Other times the animal themselves may request a session in order to relay an important message to their person.

Depending on the issues we are covering it may become necessary for me to do some healing work with you and/or your animal companion during our session in order to resolve old issues and pave the way for improved behaviour, health, or relationships. 

I sometimes work in tandem with veterinarians to help solve stubborn or mysterious cases either directly with them on-site or through separate appointments with their clients.  I also quite often work in tandem with trainers and other practitioners.  Combining animal communication with another modality creates greater shifts faster and more gracefully for your animal companion.  Saving you money in the long run and getting you all where you want to be NOW!

I offer both distance and in-person sessions.  For in-person sessions I come to you and the session is a minimum of one hour.  There is a travel fee calculated at $0.85/km added onto the regular session fee.  Distance sessions take place over the phone and are available in 30 min, 45min, or 60 min.  For a distance session you send me a photo of your beautiful companion(s) either via e-mail, internet, or text. (It helps if you have specific prioritized questions prepared beforehand.)  On your session day all you have to do is call me at our session time and the conversation with your animal companion begins!!!

Payment for in-person sessions may be made via Paypal, credit card, Interac or other email money transfer (see payment policies or contact us for details).  Payment for distance sessions may be made via PayPal, credit card or Interac/email money transfer.  All distance session payments are paid at time of scheduling.  For current session pricing please visit the Online StoreTo schedule a session please visit the online scheduling page or contact us with your request.

I am so looking forward to getting to know both you and your animal companions!!

Lost and Missing Animals

At this time we are not able to accept any new lost or missing animal clients.

Here are a few other animal communicator's websites who may be able to assist you*:

The suggestions from this animal communicator in Texas may give you some tools for assisting your animal companion to return home to you.

*Please note that these sites were collected from a basic internet search and are not the product of Christine's personal recommendation.