Intuitively Empowered for Success – Awakening Your Super Power!

Group Program

You have a hidden super power! It’s called your Intuition.  It’s a super power that you were born with but because of adult interference or a scary experience when you were young you ‘turned it off’ and shelved it away.  That may have worked when you were younger but like a beach ball pushed under the water your intuitive abilities will only remain hidden for so long.  Often, they will resurface in uncomfortable and unpredictable ways or in ways you don’t recognize or can’t understand.  You see, as the vibration of the planet continues to rise the veils between the worlds becomes thinner and thinner.  As these veils between the worlds become thinner your inherent intuitive abilities will start to resurface and your inactivated strands of Intuitive DNA will be activated.  This can result in finding yourself experiencing things and states of being you’ve never experienced before.  You may have a ‘knowing’ that it is important for you, at this time, to start accessing and listening to your intuition & inner wisdom but have not been able to get through the clutter and other voices ‘in your head’.  Perhaps you have been experiencing a growth in your intuitive abilities but don’t know how to control them or what to do with them. 

Signs of awakening Intuitive & Spiritually Advanced Behaviour may be:

         Being ‘psychic’ or intuitive about certain people, situations, places or objects

         Communicating, seeing, and/or feeling the presence of earth-bound spirits and loved ones & others who have crossed over in dreams or while awake

         Seeing entities, orbs, & angels, spirit guides, other energies

         Ability or inclination to heal things & work with energy – may or may not be able to explain how it works

         Recalling specific details of places, events, & people you have been/experienced that you have never encountered in this lifetime or have access to information about

         Talking/communing to animal’s, nature spirits, & other natural elements/entities

         Sensitivity to dealing with the stress of groups, crowds, school, & disagreements/chaos etc.

         Sensitivity to technology and electronic ‘hum’

         Intolerance to inauthenticity, no integrity

         Relaying an innate understanding of spiritual concepts, God/ddess, quantum physics, etc.

If you’ve experienced any of the above but would like to better understand your intuitive gifts and how to nurture and work with them OR if you are aware of the calling to start accessing any of the above abilities but don’t know how to begin and would like a step-by-step roadmap - I have created a program just for you!


Intuitively Empowered for Success – Awakening Your Super Power is an in-depth experiential training program that covers everything you need to know to begin understanding your intuitive skills.

Experience having your hand lovingly held as you are safely and effectively guided to:

·         Learn how to activate and harness your unique intuitive skills and abilities in ways that can be applied practically- personally and professionally.


         Discover whether you are using the gifts of:

         Clairvoyance – inner sight

         Clairaudience – inner hearing

         Clairsentience – intuitive feeling, instinct, etc.

         Clair cognizance -  intuitive ‘knowing’

         Mediumship – communicating with those on the other side

         Energy Healing – ability to activate healing energetically

         Spiritual Knowing – a deep understanding of spiritual and metaphysical concepts/truths

 (Or a combination of these gifts.) 

  •          Understand your unique abilities & skills


  •          Recognize how your unique gifts are continually being evolved

•     Learn tools to identify & remove blocks to hearing your inner wisdom in the moment

  •          Discover how to ask the powerful, empowered questions that will give you the REAL answers you’re looking for


  •          Learn how to communicate with your personal Angels, Spirit Guides, & Power Animals

•     Confidently begin applying your intuitive skills in your personal and professional life

•     Experience the peace of mind and clarity that comes from being able to tune out “the gremlin voices” and tune into and trust your inner wisdom

 Over 8 weeks you will experience nurturing your ability to move forward with your intuitive development while increasing your comfort and confidence with applying your skills in your everyday personal and professional life. 


What you’ll receive:


  •          Eight 90 -120 min live group online training sessions with Master Intuitive, Christine Riedel Gagnon


  •          Eight Audio & Video session recordings for you to keep for life

         Review at your own convenience

         Ability to fully focus on the training session without worrying about taking notes

         Easy to use MP3 & MP4 formats that you can upload to all your devices so you can listen/watch anywhere anytime

         Never miss a critical learning point again!


  •          8 Intuition Awakening Skills meditations

         Designed to keep you moving forward with your intuitive development between classes & ongoing


  •          8 Intuition Awakening exercises

         Designed to keep you moving forward with your intuitive development between sessions


  •          Valuable tools to increase your comfort and confidence


  •          40 % Discount on Private Coaching (limited time offer)


As a professional Intuitive Coach and Consultant, Master Interspecies Communicator, & High Priestess I have continued to hone and increase the mastery of my Intuitive Skills over the last 14 years and assisted hundreds of clients to do the same.  I understand the pros and cons, the blocks, the resistance, as well as the exquisite delights and gifts that are part of the magical journey of awakening your intuitive ‘super power’.  I also know that once you’ve received the call of your Inner Wisdom to reconnect there is no hiding from it.  When I was 13 years old I attempted to shut my gifts down.  By the time I was 16 they were back in ways that were even more uncomfortable than before – there was many a moment where I worried that I was mentally ill.  At 20 years old my abilities increased to the point I could no longer ignore or explain them away. It was then that I began to embrace my intuitive gifts and abilities and over the last 32 years have studied and practiced various systems of intuitive awakening and mastery.  As a Master Intuitive and Interspecies Communicator living a sixth sensory life I now utilize my intuitive skills everyday to assist others and myself.  I now couldn’t imagine it being any other way!

 You deserve to experience a magical grace-filled metamorphosis into the true intuitive Self that is awaiting discovery.  You deserve to experience the awe, delight and magic that comes as a result of going from what I call black and white awareness to multi-coloured awareness.  You deserve to reap the benefits of increased happiness, love, health, & abundance that come when you are comfortably utilizing your super power in your daily life. 

You deserve to be intuitively empowered for success! Register now!

Where: Online

When:  8 Thursday evenings from 7 – 9 pm starting Sept 28/17

Investment: Full Pay $850 + HST OR Payment Plan 3 monthly payments of $325 +HST

** Early Bird Discount save $200 when you register by Thursday Sept 14/17   11:59 pm EDT!

 Early Bird Discount Price Full Pay $650 + HST OR Payment Plan 3 monthly payments of $235 + HST