Intuitive Readings

Christine Riedel offers the following types of intuitive readings:
  • Angel Readings
  • Spirit Guide Readings
  •  Power Animal Readings
  • Intuitive Spiritual Empowerment & Prosperity Coaching/Healing

All readings take place over the phone or in-person at the client's home. For in-person sessions an additional travel fee is added to the cost of the reading. A brief outline on the differences of these readings is below.

Angel Readings

An Angel reading is one in which I connect to your Angels and your Higher Self and channel information/guidance/messages from them to you.  It usually helps if you have an area of your life that you would like direction or clarification in or questions you would like answered.  Angels operate in our lives all the time from a very high vibrational space and perspective and are always working towards facilitating our continued expansion into the highest expression of ourselves.  As such the information can sometimes be very profound and is always meaningful and loving. 

Spirit Guide Readings

A Spirit Guide reading is one in which I connect to one or a variety of your Spirit Guides and your Higher Self to channel information/guidance/messages from them to you and you to them.  Spirit Guides differ from Angels in that they comprise a much larger range of beings the majority of whom have spent some time here on Earth in a physical form and therefore have a greater understanding of the complex nature of being human and human emotions than Angels have.  Spirit Guides can also comprise loved ones who are now residing on the Spiritual Plane - both animal and human loved ones - and oftentimes people will have a reading just to continue the connection and communication with this being.  Not all loved ones who have passed on though take on the role of Spirit Guides for us.    Just like with the the other intuitive readings Spirit Guide readings help one to move forward in life, with a goal, clarify direction, or better understand blocks.  Oftentimes there are practical applications that the client is invited to take on/practice/play with in order to help facilitate the shift that your guides and Angels are talking about during the session.

Power Animal Readings

The term Power Animal comes from the Shamanic tradition which is part of the cosmology of most Aboriginal peoples around the world.  A Power Animal is a species of animal which is sharing its 'medicine' (strengths, limitations, wisdom, skills, preferences) with you.  For instance if you are working with Bear medicine you will have a proficiency or interest in healing, be more productive in the warmer months of the year, need some time to 'hibernate', be a protective parent or in a situation which requires you to be protective as a parent, etc..   We have many power animals that are working with us every day however there are usually a few who have taken a more prominent role in our lives at any particular time and one or two who are with us from  the time we are born until we pass on.  These animals are what are usually referred to as your Totem Animal(s) and relate to you and your authentic personality extremely closely.  A reading with them also provides direction/guidance/clarity/messages and can really change the way you view the world and yourself.

Sometimes during a reading, depending on the questions/situation and the amount of time provided, we'll hear from two or all three of the species of Higher Realm helpers. After you purchase your session and have scheduled your appointment you can let me know what type of reading you would like or if you would just like to leave it open and see who comes through first.