nter-species Communication  is the art of connecting on an intuitive or energetic level with another being for the purpose of sharing and receiving information.  The act of Inter-species communication is just that communication between two or more species - this includes animals, plants, rocks, elemental forces, spirits, angels, & spirit guides.  Inter-species communication may be utilized to access information, bring about new states of understanding, &/or simply to enrich a relationship.  
Animal Communication refers to intuitive or energetic connection and communicating with an animal being.
Just like an interpreter I am able to both send and relay messages from your animal to you and back again. I receive these messages as words, feelings, visual images, and what is referred to as a knowing. Animal Communication helps people better understand their animals so they can experience happier, healthier, more comfortable lives.  Animal Communication deepens relationships between all family members - human and animal.  Animals have so much wisdom to share with us.  I've learned more about how to be the best person I can be from the shared knowledge and experience of the animals I love and work with than from any other teacher on the planet!  Check out the link above to find out how you can experience the magic of an Animal Communication Session.  Change your life forever and learn how to activate your own abilities to communicate with our animal brothers and sisters! 

If you would like more information about Inter-species Communication and how a session would benefit you please contact me or visit the IC Services page.