Inter-species Communication

Skills Enhancement


How long? TBA
How much? TBA

 Fast Action Price will be offered.

When? Spring/Summer 2014
Where? Paris, O
N & Offsite Natural Area
Who is this for? Inter-species and Animal Communicators at any level of skill who desire a fun and supportive opportunity to come together with others and refine/play with your communication skills, grow your support network, and increase your confidence and mastery.

This gathering is designed to allow participants the opportunity to play, practice, and refine their inter-species skills with other communicators. Through partner, group, and single interactions together we'll connect and communicate with different  species of both the animal and nature worlds.

Enjoy various meditations and other profound exercises that will allow you to continue growing your inter-species communication skills both during the workshop and after. This gathering provides an opportunity for everyone to get together and enjoy just spending time with others with those who share the same passion.

Let's play and support one another as we continue assisting Mother Earth and all her children!

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