Gaia's Intuitive Children

Would you like to better understand how to assist the children around you who exhibit a high degree of inherent intuition, spiritual questioning &/or understanding, &/or are highly sensitive to emotions and environments? 

Do you wish there had been someone to explain the ‘unusual’ things you experienced when you were a child? 

Would you like to have a vocabulary to dialogue with children about the who, what, why, & how of their intuitive/spiritual/empathic/psychic abilities & experiences?

Imagine what would it mean to you to be able to provide peace of mind and confidence to these children in your life? 

Imagine what peace of mind it would bring you?

  If you would like to learn the keys to both understanding and supporting the children in your life then join me in this informative & enlightening workshop.  Applying the training provided in this workshop will empower both yourself as the parent, caregiver or child practitioner as well as the children you love and assist. 

More and more children are being born with intuitive, psychic, & spiritually advanced skills & abilities every day.  Without a framework of understanding what these children are experiencing and how to best support and assist them children are often afraid of their naturally divine talents and attempt to shut them down often with disastrous results to their self-esteem & emotional, mental, & physical health.  Many will go on to utilizing addictive substances in their teenage years in an attempt to both deal with their discomfort of not being ‘normal’ &/or to drown out the overwhelming intuitive information and experiences they are receiving. 

This workshop provides the necessary training & information to assist you in understanding & supporting the different phases & types of psychic development. You will also leave this workshop with a better understanding of their unique experiences as well as how to assist these children to harness, manage, and refine their talents. 

As a highly intuitive & spiritual coach & mentor I know firsthand the challenges faced by children growing up in a world and culture that does not recognize, understand, or support their talents.  It took me many years to work through the psychological, emotional, and physical trauma growing up intuitive caused.  Today I can joyfully say that I love and appreciate my unique blend of spiritually intuitive gifts and wouldn’t change a thing about me!  As a spiritual mentor, teacher, & coach who now assists and teaches adults how to once again connect to their own innate intuitive abilities I experience over and over again stories from clients about the spiritual and psychic experiences they themselves had which caused them fear, anxiety, misunderstanding, labeling & even punishment. For me this is an unacceptable state of affairs and one easily remedied with training and quality information. 

Every week I find myself working with parents of one of these uniquely skilled children to the benefit of the whole family as well as our society in general.  I love this work and with the birth of my new grandson, Garth, an intuitive himself, even more committed to doing my part in ensuring no intuitive/highly spiritual/highly sensitive/psychic child will ever have to feel afraid or ashamed of the unique skills they possess. 

These children have a divine mission to carry out.  Won’t you join me in assisting them in doing it with ease, grace, joy, and love? 

You can learn to easily understand and support the intuitive/highly spiritual/highly sensitive/psychic children in your life. 

You may even recognize yourself!

Understanding & Supporting Gaia's

Intuitive Children

Starts Wednesday, January 13, 2016   7-9pm ET

11-two hour video conference calls with recordings + Bonus Q&A call

Part 1: Understanding Gaia's Intuitive Children

Module 1 Evolution, Karma, & labels –beyond Indigo & Crystal
* Importance of beliefs
* Symbolism & Spirit

Module 2 Growing Children = Growing Abilities
* Stages of Child Psychic Abilities

Modules 3 & 4 Categories of skills/abilities
* What they mean & will look like in your child both singularly & in combination
* The ups & downsides to each ability

Module 5 Supportive Environments
* Role of the home, physical, & technological environments
* Role of nature

Part 2: Supporting Gaia's Intuitive Children

Training includes

•Improving Their Direct Connection To the Divine
•Utilizing Spiritual Allies & Aids
•Filtering & healthy boundaries “no victims”
•Role of self-love & how to foster in your children
•Dealing with nightmares & ‘unfriendlies’
•Interpreting signs, messages, & visions –asking powerful questions
•Specific support for each ‘type’ during each stage
•Supporting their physical bodies & nutritional needs
•Spiritual mentors, psychotherapists, & other support personnel
•Understanding ‘missions’
•Being a highly aware & activated Being on a physical planet in a physical body

  Course Price: $377 + HST

Here’s What You Will Receive
•Eleven 120 minute class sessions + Bonus Q&A class session with Christine Riedel, Priestess Saraswati of the Unfolding Blue –Mistress of Wild Wisdom
•Twelve audio recordings of Class Sessions
•Twelve video recordings of Class Sessions
•Private Facebook Group Community for connection & support from other parents & child practitioners
•Email support
•Opportunity for discounted private coaching/consultations with Christine