Clearing Your ‘Mother’ Line

Freeing Yourself and Your Descendants from the Trauma, Abuse, and Limitations Passed Down through Your Female Ancestral Lineage
(part of the Wiping Your Slate Clean* series)

Who is this for?

This is for you if:
  • You are ready to break the cycle of family trauma and dis–ease
  • You are committed to ensuring that the physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual glass ceiling present in your female lineage no longer exists for yourself & your descendants, especially your daughters, grand-daughters, & nieces
  • You desire the ability to confidently make authentic choices that reflect your beliefs and worldview
  • You are ready to take a leadership role in your life, the life of your family, and your community
  • You long to be free of the shackles of shame & abuse passed down through your female ancestral lineage
  • You wish to experience the unconditional love that is always flowing to you through Mother Earth & The Great Universal Mother
  • You know you deserve more and are ready to soar!
 Imagine being the first in your female family line to ‘wipe the slate clean’.

 Imagine what would be possible for you if that familial ‘glass ceiling’ no longer existed!
You, like every other woman on the planet, has been and is being affected by the threads of conditioning, spoken & unspoken, that have been passed down through the ancestral line of your Mother – the one who physically birthed you and the one who raised you.  It was your mother & the other female family members that surrounded you as you were growing (both in & out of the womb) that provided the primal experience of love that formed the blueprint for the relationships you now have with everything & everyone, especially yourself, your children, your fellow ‘brothers & sisters’ on the planet, & Source.  Even your relationship with money is affected by those experiences & the genetic DNA that was passed down through your female line.   If your initial experiences of motherly love were conflicted, difficult or non-existent you may have a tendency to pull away from nurturing in general, including the natural unconditional love and nurturing flowing to you from both Mother Earth and The Universal Mother.  These uncomfortable & conflicted experiences are often the result of your mother having experienced similar initial experiences of motherly love – a pattern that often repeats itself throughout many generations.  Generations of women in your family line experienced abuse, punishment, and suppression of the Female principle as well as experiences that made them feel small or shameful about their natural feminine qualities.  These generational experiences have played a part in the subconscious and cellular patterns coded within your genetics that you are being controlled by today.  

When the egg you grew from was formed in your mother’s ovaries she was gestating in her mother’s womb, (a process that was the same for your mother, grandmother, and every other member of your family).  This resulted in not just your mother’s influence but also your grandmother’s that played a part in your genetic makeup before you were even conceived.  This repeated pattern going back through the generations results in the attitudes, beliefs, unresolved emotions, & trauma experienced by the members of your ancestral line attaching to you physically through your cellular structure and DNA whilst you were gestating and physically forming in the womb.   This ‘gift’ from your ancestors is exacerbated or diluted by the physical interactions and relationships you experienced as you grew outside the womb. 

Put together the combination of familial genetic and cultural conditioning can create barriers (often subconscious) to achieving your desires which limits your ability to achieve the abundance, joy, health, and self-love you deserve and are worthy of.  You may have even wondered ‘why’ no matter what you do you just can’t seem to break through the ‘glass ceiling’ hanging over your head. 

Centuries of abuse and suppression of the Feminine principle and its natural intuitive & creative expression has taken a toll – and you are paying the price!

It is possible to clear & heal the wounds, trauma, shame, & limitations passed down through your female ancestral lineage.  Together we’ll dissolve fear, gently & gracefully address our imbalances, awaken our reconnection to the divine feminine within our hearts & wombs, & clear our Female Ancestral Lines for ourselves & all our descendants! 

During our time together you will experience being lovingly embraced by Mother Earth and the Universal/Great Mother herself as you activate a new cellular awareness of what it means to be nurtured and unconditionally loved.  With this awareness activated you will have the strong foundation needed to stop the cycle of abuse, shame, & dis-empowerment. 

If you are ready the healing & clearing of your ‘Mother’ line will have effects far beyond your imagination! 


Online Video Conference/Webinar Format which provides the comfort and privacy necessary so you can fully open to the process without worry (or having to deal with travel).

Choose the Time that Works Best for You:
Tuesday Sept 8th & Tuesday Sept 15th    3 – 5 pm ET
Tuesday Sept 8th & Tuesday Sept 15th 7-9 pm ET

Please Note: Registration is completed through payment. Please note the different payment options which correspond to the two time options and three different packages.

If you can’t make it live no worries, you can still reap the benefits of the process by following along with the recording.

Fast Action pricing on all packages until Sunday Aug. 23rd 11:59 pm ET  price will increase Monday Aug 24th.

Bronze package:  $47 + HST includes audio and video recording of the event and your own personal digital copy of the supplemental material

Silver package: $137 + HST includes everything in the Bronze package plus 30 minute private consultation with me so you can go deeper and enrich your experience

Gold package: $217 + HST includes everything in the Bronze package plus 60 minutes of private coaching/healing with me so you can dissolve any trouble spots, go deeper, and receive guidance on how to authentically move forward. 

**The Wiping Your Slate Clean series is a series of direct experiential activation events for women designed to heal past trauma, clear shame & fear, & align you with your natural feminine intuitive, creative & manifestation power.  Upcoming topics include: Clearing Womb Trauma – heart and womb healing after abortion, miscarriage, or sexual abuse**