Clearing Your ‘Father - Daughter’ Wound

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Freeing Yourself and Your Descendants from the Trauma, Abuse, and Limitations Passed Down through Your Paternal Relationship(s)

(part of the Wiping Your Slate Clean* series)


This is for you if:  

  • You are ready to break the cycle of family trauma, limitations, and dis–ease  

  •  You are committed to ensuring that the physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual glass ceiling that’s been subconsciously holding you back is shattered and cleared  

  •  Your inner child is ready to clear and heal the issues of your childhood relationship with your father and/or paternal authority figures  

  •  You are ready to free yourself from the ‘good girl’ syndrome & finally experience healthy empowered lasting relationships with the men and intimate partner(s) in your life  

  •  You long to be free of the shackles of shame, limitations, &/or abuse passed down through your paternal relationship(s) and ancestral lineage  

  • You are tired of sacrificing yourself in your relationships, especially with intimate partners.  

  •   You know you deserve more and are ready to soar!  

  Imagine ‘wiping the slate clean’ and finally being free from the fear of abandonment and rejection, the tears of rage, and the feeling that no matter what you say or do you will never be ‘good enough’!  


You, like a lot of women on the planet at this time, have been and are being affected in varying degrees by the wounds, conscious & subconscious, that have been inflicted and carried within as a result of the relationship with your father, paternal authority figures, & even the patriarchal culture you live in.    

Whether you realize it or not, as you were growing (both in & out of the womb) the relationship with and attitudes of your father, whether he was physically present or not, and the patriarchal culture in which you were born had an effect on your beliefs about the worthiness & capabilities of yourself as an individual and as a woman.   This wounded relationship most likely left you suffering from a poor self-image, from the inability to form lasting relationships, or from a lack of confidence in your ability to work and function authentically in the world …. to name just a few.   On the surface you may appear quite successful—a confident businesswoman, a contented housewife, a carefree student, a successful entrepreneur, a valuable community leader, a caring devoted mother. But underneath the veneer of success or contentment is the injured self, the hidden despair and shame, the feelings of loneliness and isolation, the fear of abandonment and rejection, the tears and the rage, &/or the part of you that feels like a fraud and aches for relief.   

Together the combination of paternal and cultural non-beneficial conditioning & wounding can create barriers (often subconscious) to achieving your desires effectively limiting your ability to achieve the abundance, joy, health, and self-love you deserve and are worthy of.  You may even have wondered ‘why’ no matter what you do you just can’t seem to break through the ‘glass ceiling’ hanging over your head.   

It’s time for you to reclaim your power and stop paying the price!  

If you are ready to release yourself from the chains that have bound you it is possible to clear & heal the wounds, trauma, shame, & limitations caused by a damaged relationship with your father, paternal authority figures, and/or the patriarchal culture in which we live.


Join me and other open and courageous women for an experiential healing journey designed to restore your heart, reset your beliefs about your Self, and set the foundation for you to stand firmly in the magnificence of who you truly are.   

  Over 6 modules you’ll dissolve fear, gently & gracefully address your imbalances, awaken your reconnection to the Divine Masculine in healthy harmony with the Divine Feminine, & heal the father -daughter wound for yourself & your descendants!   


During our time together you will:  

  • ·         Gain understanding of the big picture contracts you and your father agreed to prior to incarnating in this lifetime.   

  • ·         Learn the most effective ways to bring healing to your current relationship (whether your father is alive or in spirit) and discover how to free yourself from the triggers that previously set you spiraling.    

  • ·         Revision the father-daughter relationship and move forward from a renewed sense of confidence and authentic power.   

  • ·         Awaken a positive father image within yourself that you can draw on for strength and guidance    

  • ·         Activate an appreciation for the gifts of the masculine both within and without   

  • ·         Reclaim your authentic feminine power including your ability to create and manifest financial abundance and authentic success.    

  • ·         Experience being lovingly embraced by Mother Earth and the Divine Masculine as you activate a new cellular awareness of what it means to be nurtured and unconditionally loved.    

  • ·         Free your inner child from carrying the pain of the past & nurture the strong foundation needed to stop the cycle of abuse, shame, & dis-empowerment.  



Each module is 120 minutes of powerful processes and empowering activations & exercises.  

Recordings allow you to process and experience the healing in the privacy of your own home.  The self-paced format of this workshop allows you to move through the clearing and empowering process of each module at the speed that works for you!!!     

Module 1:  Acknowledging the Wound & Activating Compassion   

Module 2:  Freeing Yourself & Clearing What No Longer Serves   

Module 3: Healing the Wound: Uncovering the Hidden Treasure   

Module 4:  Restoring Wholeness:  Empowered, Authentic & Alive  

Module 5: Reconnecting to a Healthy Supportive Model of the Divine Masculine  

Module 6: Re-visioning the Father – Daughter Relationship:  Activating the Gifts In Your Relationship    


Please Note: Registration is completed through payment . Once payment has been processed you will receive a link to the classroom webpage where you will have access to all the modules and materials.   

Shape       Financial Investment $ 97 CDN + HST  includes audio and video recording s of the event and your own personal digital copy of any supplemental material  

When you heal your relationship with your father, &/or the paternal authority figures of your past and present you will reclaim your ability to confidently make authentic choices that reflect your beliefs and worldview.  You’ll be able to stand in and speak your truth with confidence and without apology.  Your relationships with the men in all areas of your life will improve. You’ll be ready to take an authentic balanced leadership role in your life, the life of your family, and your community. 

Past participants have commented that:  

  I love this course ………. after every module my relationship with my father improved” H.R.  

…… this process was so powerful! So many shifts and ahas !  My relationship with myself has never been better” J.S .  

“I discovered that I had healed more of my trauma than I thought I had !” V.T. 

You (and your father) deserve to be free from the wounds that have cost you so much in the past.  Give yourself the gift of peace and freedom and start healing now!   

**The Wiping Your Slate Clean series is a series of direct experiential activation events for women designed to release past trauma, clear shame & fear, & align you with your natural feminine intuitive, creative & manifestation power. ***   Upcoming topics include: Reclaiming the Power of Your Feminine Intuition, Reclaiming the Sacredness of Your Womb – healing sexual abuse trauma, Healing the Wounded Mother Heart – heart and womb healing after abortion & miscarriage, Harmony between the Sexes – restoring balance, respect, and love between your inner masculine & feminine selves **  


*** Professional Disclaimer   

Christine Riedel is not a licensed psychotherapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist and does not prescribe, diagnose, treat, or cure any disease, physical or mental.  Christine's services and courses should not be construed as a prescription, promise of benefits, claims of cures, or a guarantee of results to be achieved.  The information, processes, and activations are not intended to be a substitute for competent professional medical or psychological diagnosis and care.  If you are under the care of a healthcare professional, please discuss with them before discontinuing or modifying any prescribed treatment or medication.  You must take complete responsibility for your own physical health and emotional well-being.