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On the Path of a High Priestess

Happy 2016! I hope that you have been experiencing the magic of this powerful new year so far. 2016 as a 9 year in numerology is a year in which many of us will experience soaring fully into the lives of our dreams. In order for that to happen the remaining density we’ve been holding onto must be allowed to rise to the surface to be healed and transmuted. Over the last two years as I have traveled the journey of becoming an emerged Priestess and now High Priestess of the New Earth I have been undergoing, like many of you, the powerful and at times uncomfortable process of dying to the old ways of being as I regain a wholeness of mind, body and spirit. This dark night of the soul process can be lonely and at times requires one to set back from the familiarity of old relationships and friendships – this can be confusing for those who do not understand that the need to sequester yourself away from community during this process is not a reflection of how you feel about them.
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