They comfort you, keep you company, listen to you talk about your troubles & triumphs, make you smile when you’re down, & teach you about unconditional love. ‘They’ are animals and whether you live with them, see them outside your window, watch them on TV, share stories about them on Facebook, or, read about them, they affect your life in a variety of magical and powerful ways.

From the time you were a child you’ve instinctively felt a deep rich comforting connection with animals, starting years ago with your beloved stuffed animal. In cartoons and stories you were enchanted with the idea of a world in which people and animals understood each other and conversed as easily as human to human. In a sometimes confusing world you often feel that you both understand and feel authentically seen by the animal world far more easily than the human one. Throughout your life it has been and still is the animal’s in it who have taught you what it means to love and be of service to another – there may even have been moments when the love and devotion of a loved pet was the only reason you’re still here.

For the longest time you have wondered if there was a way for you to connect more directly and deeply with the animals in your life and outside your door. You’ve been yearning for that childlike ability to communicate with and understand all animals with ease and grace. Perhaps you’ve been noticing one or more species consistently showing up and catching your attention triggering an innate knowing that there is more going on than just what you see.

There is way – a way for you to open up and activate your natural & innate abilities of intuition that allow you to energetically connect to all the animals in your life- including those who have crossed over, wildlife, totem animals, & animal spirit guides.

I am like you – since I was a child I’ve had a special affinity with animals and always knew what they were feeling and thinking. I was far more comfortable in the company of animals than other humans. After years of attempting to repress my natural abilities I finally found the courage to address and refine my skills, following my dream to deepen my relationship with them. This opened the doorway to utilizing my learned skills and natural abilities in ways that would assist animals and their people through the art of animal communication as a professional Inter-species Communicator.  Every step of the way animals both physical and spiritual supported, guided, and motivated me to keep going. It was the animals who prompted me to begin teaching this skill to others – increasing the web of humans on the planet who understand and engage with animals as equal partners, sentient beings, and spiritual masters & teachers. Understanding animals in ways that deepen relationships and what it means to be human.

I’ve been communicating and partnering with animals and Power Animals/Totems/Guides professionally for over 12 years. My Power Animals & Guides have assisted and supported me through years of healing and achieving dream after dream. 2 years ago when I went into a mini-depression and closed myself off to abundance in all the areas of my life it was connecting with my Power Animals and working closely with Panther, Wolf, Lion, Dragon, & Phoenix that provided the support, wisdom, guidance, and energy I needed to quickly and gracefully take back my power & my life. Talking each day with my dog Violet, as well as, all the beloved animal companions we have now and in the past, is a gift that enriches my life and brings so much laughter and love. Last spring when Violet experienced a traumatic allergic reaction being able to communicate with her about what was going on and what her and her body needed brought both of us a sense of peace and confidence that we would get through the episode together and within 24 hrs Violet began experiencing relief and we were both able to sleep. Talking with Violet allowed me to get clear on the trigger and what type of preventative management would support her body so she wouldn’t have to go through that again. This spring she is comfortably enjoying the warmer weather and new vegetation. Imagine communicating like this with your pet. How would that change both of your lives?

You, too, can reap the benefits of activating your intuitive abilities of animal communication. Over the years I’ve refined and perfected the art of animal communication and communication with Power/Totem Animals. In partnership with the animals I’ve taught hundreds of people to awaken, refine, and utilize their own connection and communication abilities. Everyone has the ability to learn how to apply their intuitive abilities – you included. You just need someone to show you the way and support you as you discover YOUR unique way of receiving & sending.

Please note: At this time Christine is not teaching the group Animal Magic, Medicine, and Communication courses except for hosted groups or private training. She does currently offer group training to those with a group of 4 people or more as well as private personalized training.  Training classes group or private may take place virtually online, over the phone, and/orin-person. Feel free to contact us for more information setting up animal communication training for your group or privately.