Aligning with Gaia’s Sacred Elemental Money Flow

Does thinking about & working with money leave you feeling contracted, fearful, confused, and frustrated?

Is your money flow stuck or constricted?

Would you like to feel grounded and at peace with your abilities to create a money flow in line with your values & purpose?

Do you have a sense that there is more to this whole money ‘thing’ but haven’t been able to find the key?

Would you like to receive clear personalized guidance on which rhythmic actions best serve you in keeping a consistent flow of money moving into your bank account?

Gaia and her sacred Elemental Forces of Creation can show you the way!

Money is an Earth based creation sourced through Spirit and facilitated by Gaia’s elemental forces of creation (Earth, Water, Air, and Fire). Aligning Gaia’s elemental forces of creation with ourmoney & wealth creation activities and wealth consciousness allows us to manifest and bring into being our goals, dreams & desires around money.!

Join me as together we open to activate & receive powerful money wisdom and guidance from the elemental forces of creation and Gaia herself. Allow the elements & Gaia to take you to your next level of inner guidance so you can direct your financial flow with more clarity. Clear old energies, re-balance your chakras, reclaim your right to receive, and, activate more money moxie!

By partnering with each element, the Unified Field of Creation, & Gaia you will be activating and re-aligning every area of your relationship with money spiritually & practically.

·    Earth , come away with grounded systems to build your money manifesting capabilities.

·    Water , uncover more financial confidence to increase your flow & take back your money power

·    Air , harness your powerful mind as you focus your money intentions to build a firmer financial foundation.

·   Fire , connect to your money passion and discover the rhythmic actions you need to keep your money        moving.

·   Spirit , align with Divine guidance to source your sacred abundance with Love

·   Gaia, understanding how to live sustainably in the energy of always enough

This 8-hour training MOVES your money energy!

No matter where you are currently with your money flow and expertise this training will assist you in going deeper and activating more prosperity. It will add momentum, clarity, and inner guidance so you know what money actions to take now to stimulate increased financial flow, wealth, & peace in your relationship with money at every level!

Here's an idea of what we'll cover in this fun & empowering training:

Week 1

Reclaiming Money’s Sacred & Natural Origins

Changing Perceptions: Money as Love

Reclaiming Your Right To Receive

Gaia’s Abundance Activation Journey

Week 2

Aligning for Maximum Flow Chakra Clearing & Energizing Activation

Awakening Your Inner Financial Priestess & Your Wise Money Manager Activation

Week 3

Gaia’s Elemental Creation Forces:

Aligning with Spirit & Abundance of Spirit Activation

Aligning with Air & Abundance of Air Activation

Aligning with Earth & Abundance of Earth Activation

Week 4

Gaia’s Sacred Elemental Forces of Creation (cont’d):

Aligning with Water & Abundance of Water Activation

Aligning with Fire & Abundance of Fire Activation

Putting it all together – Unified Field Wisdom

Gaia’s Wisdom for Sustaining Your Money Flow

We'll meet online live once a week for 4 weeks starting October 29/15 from 7:00-9:00 ET. All calls will be recorded and the recording link along with appropriate handouts will be sent to you within 48 hours after the class so if you can't make a call live you don't have to worry about missing out on that week's learning.

It is suggested that you practice what we cover between calls in order to get the most from the training.

What you receive:

  • 4 live fun and powerful trainings that will move your money energy, up level your financial creations, & increase both your confidence and your money flow

  • Workbook for journaling and insights

  • 4 audio & video conference recordings + relevant pdf presentations

  • Private session with Christine so you can go deeper (with Silver, Gold, or Platinum packages)

  • Opportunity for deeply discounted private coaching packages so you can keep the momentum going

Add momentum, clarity, and inner guidance to stimulate increased financial flow, wealth, & peace in your relationship with money… Register Now

Course Fee:          

Bronze Package - 4 week course with recordings

$177 + HST  

Silver Package – Everything from Bronze package + 30 minutes of private training with Christine

$257 +HST

Gold Package – Everything from Bronze package + 45 min of private training with Christine

$297 + HST

Platinum Package – Everything from Bronze package + 1 hr of private training with Christine

$327+ HST

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"From adolescence until late middle age I experienced depression, at times severe and although medication and talking therapy gave some relief, the pattern of depressive response was ingrained. Working with Christine helped me to shift that pattern, which means that I'm able to respond to life's offerings with an open heart and enjoy everything that comes. It is an astonishing change. I highly recommend Christine's sensitive and gentle yet powerful working style, which can help one find the source of the most deeply rooted distress." Margaret Rees, Dundas, ON