Animal Magic, Medicine, & Communication
 Advanced Course
Telecourse and Live Event

Whether you want to improve your current communication skills, add proven animal oriented healing techniques to your practice, or expand your skills  to other species, this teleseminar/in-person workshop will get you on your way to success!

AC Advanced Format: 6 weekly calls of 2hrs in length and 1 in-person event day 

When: Weekly calls   7 - 9 pm (all calls recorded)

 What will you learn:

 In AC Advanced, Christine will be focusing on: 

*Inter-species Communication - expanding your communication abilities to trees, rocks, and flora & fauna of all kinds 

*Advanced Communication Techniques - including but not limited to filtering, energy profiling, healing techniques, past lives, and more 

*Business Building - how to create and build a business as a professional animal communicator, looking at your money issues to help you succeed! 

Price: Regular price: $550+ HST 

Fast Action Price*:
$397 + HST full pay or 2 monthly payments of $225 + HST
*expires Friday Aug 29 at midnight EDT

Bonus: One 45 minute private coaching session. (Value $160).

Repeat students can register for 50% off the regular course fee.