Current Services & Events for Animals & Their People
To learn more about what Inter-species & Animal Communication is click here
  • Private Inter-species Communication Consultations* - these 30, 45, or 60 minute sessions provide an opportunity for you to hear from your pet, other animals, or other natural beings.  Learn more here
          *Please note that Christine is no longer taking on new private inter-species communication clients past Dec 31, 2018. Thank you!*
  • Private Training - these personalized private one-to-one training sessions provide an opportunity for you to learn, harness, & refine your ability to connect to & communicate with animals & other species.  To explore further learn more here.  To start your training contact me.
  • Power & Totem Animal Consultations - these 30, 45, or 60 minute sessions provide the opportunity for you to receive healing, direction, & guidance from your personal power & totem animals.  Learn more here
  • Speaking, Seminars, & Corporate Events - I would love to speak at your event or create a seminar just for your group, organization, association, or event.  Contact me here or by sending an email to

Current Services For Spiritually Aware Mission-motivated Sensitives, Coaches, Healers, & Spiritual Practitioners

  • If you are a spiritually gifted sensitive, healer, coach or spiritual practitioner, who is ready to free yourself from the pain and limitations of the past, I provide personalized intuitive consultations & coaching, "Whole Self" shamanic & energetic healing services, and training & events designed to facilitate your return to wholeness & a re-connection to your divine creative & intuitive manifestation powers.  Each personalized session will create the foundation to continue activating & harnessing the innate inner wisdom & talents that will free you from struggle & limitation and open the doors to an abundant future.  You'll receive the practical guidance necessary so you can joyfully fulfill your spiritual mission & contribute meaningfully to the world on your own terms.  To begin your journey to wholeness and  a re-connection to your intuitive manifestation powers through one of my private personalized programs simply schedule your appointment with the online scheduler here  

  • Private Training
  • Shamanic Based Events/Nature Explorations
  • Group Workshops & Training
  • Speaking, Seminars, Corporate Events

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