Upgrading Your Subconscious Beliefs 

Aligning with Your Higher Self for An Authentically Successful 2017! 

“I renounce any sense of being bound by habit, personal history, experience, or circumstance.  I am free as Spirit is free.”  Michael Bernard Beckwith ‘11 Day Mind Fast Soul Feast’





“I don’t understand why I keep sabotaging myself” is a common statement I hear in the coaching & consulting work I do with humans.  Nothing is more frustrating than excitedly beginning to move forward successfully in an area of your life and then have the same old pattern of sabotage kick in taking you back into the outworn yukky experience of lack, limitation, & worry.  We often view these experiences as proof that something is ‘wrong’ with us, that we are not worthy or deserving of having more, that we are being punished, and/or that no matter what we do life will never be different.  As another year approaches with talk of new beginnings and resolutions you may experience a roller coaster ride of emotions moving from excitement & hope to fear, overwhelm, & doubt.  “Will things be different/better this year?”  you wonder.  The answer is a resounding Yes! if you take the steps to change the subconscious beliefs that are fueling the self-sabotage every time you hit your upper/success limit.   

You see the reason behind these frustrating patterns aren’t because you are not doing it right, working hard enough, don’t have enough desire, and/or are fundamentally flawed.  No matter how many times you read over an affirmation or create a vision board, the subconscious counter intentions you hold that are being broadcast to the Universe will often generate the results you experience in your daily life.  At one point in your life these subconscious beliefs did keep you comfortable & ‘safe’.  The problem is that while you have undergone growth, expansion, and personal & spiritual development your beliefs are still operating from the same old mandate causing a greater and greater energy mismatch and negatively affecting your ability to manifest & create the life and year you truly want.  When you are vibrating from these outworn lower vibrational thoughts & beliefs you are unable to hold in a sustained manner the energetic frequency that is a match for the new experience of success you are asking for.     

The good news is that those subconscious beliefs and their counter intentions are not set in stone – they can be changed and upgraded much like an operating system in a computer.  There are easy and powerful techniques that you can use to uncover what those outworn subconscious beliefs are and change them to reflect the world view, life, & person you are now as well as who you are evolving into being.  For example, about a year ago I was frustrated with the reappearance of an old pattern of self-sabotage that was inhibiting my ability to take my business and professional success past a certain limit.  Understanding that I needed to upgrade my subconscious beliefs around being successful I took myself through a parts therapy exercise where I encountered the part of me that was blocking my success as a huge ogre guard standing in front of a jail cell that held the Big Shiny Radiant part of me that was ready to be successful.  When I asked this part of myself why it was doing this he replied that because I had had past & current life experiences where I had been publicly successful and in the limelight, then subsequently targeted and attacked, that my subconscious had taken on the belief and issued a command that the only way to keep me safe was to keep the Big part of me locked up.  This part lovingly took on the job and had been guarding and recalibrating me back to ‘safe’ mode ever since.  He was fantastic at his job!  I assisted this guard part of me to understand that this was no longer helpful or beneficial to me any longer and together we came up with a way that this part of me could still protect me like a body guard while the Big Shiny Radiant part of me ready for success, now freed, could experience an ever-increasing amount of success, prosperity, & abundance.  Because of this ‘upgrade’ I have experienced having the most successful year of the last 3 years and I know 2017 is going to be even more successful! 


What would be possible for you in 2017 if the powerful subconscious beliefs you were operating from were in alignment with and supportive of your Higher Self’s directive of success, prosperity, & abundance? 

Imagine being able to vision your dreams & desires knowing that you had the tools and processes to support making them a reality!   

If you are ready to upgrade your subconscious beliefs and align with your Higher Self for a successful 2017 then I invite you to join me for this enlightening and life changing workshop where you will learn various techniques and activations to transform your beliefs, create greater harmony within your conscious & subconscious, and, develop an empowered plan for moving forward on the path to success in area of your life you desire.   

Utilizing ancient and contemporary techniques you’ll discover what has been keeping you stuck and ways to gracefully move forward.  Each week I’ll lovingly guide you through experiencing each one of these techniques so you can begin transforming your life on the spot!  Each one of these techniques and activations can be utilized with other processes and modalities you may already be currently using to supercharge your results and help you avoid the road blocks that in the past having taken you off course. Growth work designed to support and expand on the class work will be provided to assist you in having even greater access to the full potential of your mind.   


What we’ll be covering together over 3 weeks: 

Week 1:  Tantric Heart Meditation 

      Tantric Breath of Fire 

      The Wall -A discovery process to find out what has been stopping you, understand how to remove it, & find out what’s waiting for you on the other side.   

      Shining the light on your primary toxic personal law story 

       Forgiveness Exercise 

      Embodiment Activation 


Week 2:  Tantric Heart Meditation 

      Tantric Breath of Fire 

      Parts Therapy – Access & identify the parts of yourself that are operating subconsciously to hold you back & sabotaging your success.  These parts have a positive intention to keep you safe even though the results of their protection seem negative.  Once identified you will experience working with these parts to upgrade their job & get them working for your success in a way that benefits you on all levels.   

Embodiment Activation 



Week 3:   Tantric Heart Meditation 

      Tantric Breath of Fire 

                  Future Life Self Allows you to step into your successful & abundant self in the future & learn what it is like consciously & unconsciously to be successful & abundant.  This allows your subconscious mind to begin to make & implement the changes required to merge your successful future self with your present self.  

                Belief Change – NLP process will release your negative self image & create a powerful & compelling belief that you deserve to succeed.  This process makes changes in the information you are accessing on a core level so you can release your limits & begin to think and manifest BIG in 2017! 

               Embodiment Activation 


3 weeks Week 1    7:00 - 8:30 pm EST Monday Jan 2/17

                 Week 2     7:00 – 8:30 pm EST Monday Jan 9/17

                 Week 3     7:00 – 8:30 pm EST Monday Jan 16/17

Every class will be recorded so if you can’t make it in person you can still participate and reap the benefits!  The recordings also allow you to revisit the information & techniques again and again as you need them!

Online video conference system creates an in-person experience without having to deal with travel, weather, or additional costs.  You can even attend in your pajamas! 



Bronze $197 + HST     includes 3 live 90-minute video conferencing sessions, recordings of video and audio for download, workbook 

Silver    $277 + HST   includes everything in Bronze plus 30 minutes private coaching support (private coaching time must be used by June 30/17) 

Gold      $317 + HST    includes everything in Bronze plus 45 minutes private coaching support (private coaching time must be used by June 30/17) 


I am so excited about the success that is possible for you in 2017 when you upgrade your subconscious beliefs and get your full mind power working in alignment with your Higher Self and your dreams of genuine success!  As Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith states, “regardless of what has happened to you in your life the moment you begin to ‘think properly’ the power that’s in you that’s greater than the world will begin to emerge”  I can’t wait to watch you transform! 


                               If you are ready to take on 2017 and make it yours Register Now!