Power and Totem Animal Consultations

Power Animals
Represent an individual personality of that species i.e. an individual hawk
You can have an animal guide who is one of the species that your power animals belong to
Purpose is to guide you &/or provide messages of importance to you from Spirit &/or loved ones who have transitioned.
Relationships can be long term or simply momentary
Messages may be complex and deep or simply letting you know that they are there and you are loved
Represent the entire species NOT just an individual of the species i.e. Bear power animal means you are working with medicine of ALL bears -if you are working with a particular breed of that species you are working with it’s specialized medicine as well as the medicine of the general species i.e. polar bear and bear
Purpose is to share their ‘medicine’ with you and help you understand yourself better and assist in healing
Usually long-term and often life time relationships –the more you interact with them the stronger the relationship and medicine they share with you
They pick you however you can call in a particular power animal for a specific issue or situation i.e. call in Lion if you need to feel majestic, strong, & brave
What is a Totem Animal?
A Totem Animal is a Power Animal that is so closely aligned with the essence of who you truly are that it is like you are the same being. Totem Animals work more closely with you than your other power animals and often are with you from the time you are born to the time you die. In some cases they may stay with you from lifetime to lifetime. Your Totem Animal(s) may change as you make a profound shift in the essence of who you are i.e. going through a shamanic death/rebirth experience