Okuden Reiki 2    

Okuden - Level II focusses on increasing your abilities as a Reiki channel with the emphasis on performing healing for yourself and others.        In this level you will learn 3 Reiki symbols – vibrational keys – that will allow you to increase and focus your Reiki flow, perform emotional healing, & send Reiki through time and space. We’ll explore the true nature of Reiki, it’s history, ethics, & cultural contexts. You’ll connect with a Reiki Guide who will assist you & your clients in your Reiki healing sessions. In this level you will also learn how to more effectively apply and integrate Reiki into your personal and professional life for greater success. 

Because of my expertise in working with animals as a healer and Inter-species Communicator I’ll be including in your Okuden training a few pointers on how to most effectively serve your animal companions and future animal clients.  Through out the 12+ years that I have been personally & professionally utilizing Reiki with animals I've witnessed first hand how beneficial this loving modality is for our animal relations - domestic and wild.  



·         Review of Reiki Level I

·         Grounding and Meditation Exercises

·         Learn 3 Reiki Symbols, & receive the Okuden attunement

·         Practice various other healing techniques using new symbols

·         Connect with a Reiki Guide

·         Explore ways to deeply integrate Reiki in your life

·         Learn how to become a professional Reiki Practitioner

·         Discover the best way to share Reiki with animals


When:  Day 1 - Tuesday Sept 6/16     10:00 am - 2:30 pm EDT  (First of 2 sessions spaced at least 3-4 days apart so you have time to practice getting to know the vibrational keys. Second session scheduled at end of Day 1) 

  Where: Cambridge, ON (directions will be provided upon registration)  

Cost:     $269 + HST + own lunch (if applicable) payable via credit card, PayPal, or e-transfer.  

            $50 + HST non-refundable deposit required at time of registration with remaining money due Day 1 of training.  ( The cost includes your own manual and a certificate upon completion.) 

            OR  Save $49 by paying $220 + HST at time of registration

    *Due to intimacy and personalization of training class is limited to a maximum of 6   - only 5 spaces still available - Register Now to ensure placement!

  Pre-requisite:  Shoden - Reiki 1 any tradition any lineage 


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