Master of Your Intuitive Powers

A 3-month Mastermind Program

To Deepen and Refine Your Intuitive Skills & Abilities


The Master of Your Intuitive Powers Mastermind provides 90 – 120 minutes twice a month of supportive group discussion and training on refining and mastering your connection to and utilization of your intuitive skills and gifts – personally and professionally

Experience the power and magic of masterminding with others who are also committed to living an intuitively powered life as you are safely and effectively supported to:

  • Learn new ways to activate latent abilities and harness your existing unique intuitive skills and abilities that can be applied practically- personally and professionally.
  • Deepen your spiritual awareness and connections
  • Have a safe space to share, recharge, unload, and ask questions
  • Create a supportive hive of friends and colleagues who ‘get it’
  • Learn how to troubleshoot ‘in-the-moment’ blocks
  • Shorten your learning curve
  • Discover ways to approach talking about ‘what you do’
  • Gain greater confidence in applying your intuitive skills in your personal and professional life
  • Learn about new modalities and paths of spiritual and intuitive development
  • Network with others who understand your unique skills and offerings
  • Explore aspects of working professionally with your skills ie. Dealing with clients who want to ‘test’ you; charging for sharing your skills; dealing with negativity; having clean, clear, strong boundaries; partnering with your spirit helpers 24/7

 You’ll meet with myself and other amazing intuitively empowered members 2x a month to connect and share.  Together we’ll nurture our ability to move forward with our intuitive & spiritual development, in sustainable and enjoyable ways, while continually increasing our comfort and confidence with applying our skills in our everyday personal and professional lives - no matter where your unique Calling takes you. 

What you’ll receive:

  • Six 90 -120 min live group online mastermind & training sessions with Master Intuitive, Christine Riedel Gagnon

  • Six Audio & Video session recordings for you to keep for life
    • Review at your own convenience
    • Ability to fully focus on the training & masterminding without worrying about taking notes
    • Easy to use MP3 & MP4 formats that you can upload to all your devices so you can listen/watch anywhere anytime
    • Never miss a critical learning point again!


  • 6 Intuition Deepening Skills meditations


  • 6 Intuition Deepening exercises


  • Personalized on-the-spot coaching from myself and fellow participants


  • Valuable tools to increase your comfort and confidence


  • 30 % Discount on Private Coaching (single sessions -limited time offer)


As a professional Intuitive Coach and Consultant, Master Interspecies Communicator, & High Priestess I have continued to hone and increase the mastery of my Intuitive Skills over the last 14 years and assisted hundreds of clients to do the same.  I understand the pros and cons, the blocks, the resistance, as well as the exquisite delights and gifts that are part of the magical journey of deepening and mastering your intuitive ‘super power’.  I also know that once you’ve received the call of your Inner Wisdom to continue evolving your skills there is no hiding from it.  When I was 13 years old I attempted to shut my gifts down.  By the time I was 16 they were back in ways that were even more uncomfortable than before – there was many a moment where I worried that I was mentally ill.  At 20 years old my abilities increased to the point I could no longer ignore or explain them away. It was then that I began to embrace my intuitive gifts and abilities and over the last 32 years have studied and practiced various systems of intuitive awakening and mastery.  As a Master Intuitive and Interspecies Communicator living a sixth sensory life I now utilize my intuitive skills everyday to assist others and myself.  I now couldn’t imagine it being any other way!

 It’s always such a treat when I get to share time and space with others who understand what it means to live intuitively.  More and more of people are reconnecting and deepening their intuitive channels without the support and model of others who have paved the way.  I am passionate about assisting others to increase their abilities and be comfortable using them so more of Gaia’s children can benefit.  I truly believe that strengthening our intuitive abilities has the potential to change how we live, how we interact with each other, and how we treat the planet. 

Are you ready to experience the awe, delight and magic that comes from deepening what I call multi-coloured awareness?  Why wait to reap the benefits of increased happiness, love, health, & abundance that come when you are a confident master of your intuitive powers?  What would be possible for you if you had a safe space to share, ask questions, and co-create?

You aren’t meant to do it all alone!  Discover what is possible when you combine your experience and mastery with the power of a supportive community.   

Register now!

Where: Online (all sessions will be recorded, and a link sent to you for downloading)

When:  The 4th Thursday of every month for 3 months starting Feb. 22/18 7:30 – 9:30 pm est and the 2nd Tuesday of every month for 3 months starting March 12/18 7:00 – 9:00 pm est

Investment: Full Pay $227 + hst OR Payment Plan 3 monthly payments of $85 +hst

** Decision Maker Discount save $50 when you register by Sunday Feb 4/18 11:59 pm est!

Decision Maker Discount Price Full Pay $177 + hst OR Payment Plan 3 monthly payments of $70 + hst

Yes! I am ready to Master My Intuitive Powers!