Create Your ‘Powerful Big Life’ Bootcamp

Do you have a ‘Big’ Life Vision but are unsure what your next steps are to bring it into reality?

Have you been chasing that experience of success, happiness, and fulfillment which always seems like it is just around the next corner?

Overwhelmed with the ‘shoulds' and the ‘I think I know what I need to do’s that have kept you wasting energy and time with sporadic and inefficient actions?

Ready for the clarity that comes with knowing your Purpose and the specific areas of your life that need stabilizing to let it unfold in your reality with greater grace, ease, & success?

Looking for the inspiration that will move you past the fears, doubts, and disbelief's so you can stop sabotaging your big dream and start living it?

I know how you feel.  For the past 14 years I have been on a similar journey of healing and empowerment.  Learning and unlearning ways of creating and manifesting a powerful big holistic life that allows me to experience success, happiness, and fulfillment in all areas. Even though I’ve studied manifesting and Law of Attraction with some of the top names in the industry and I have the intuitive skills and abilities to receive guidance and direction from my Spiritual Team my life seemed to have hit a plateau – a level of success, happiness, & fulfillment that I just couldn’t seem to get past no matter how many of the manifesting tools and techniques I employed or how much I focused on my desired intention.  So, I started searching for the answers within and without.  Then one day after shifting a big subconscious block my Spiritual Team directed me to a Mindvalley Academy Masterclass ( with Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, founder of Agape International ( and creator of the ‘Life Visioning System’.  Having read the book years ago, I followed their advice and joined the live class and the subsequent 7 week intensive.  Deeply understanding the Life Visioning process and the importance of stabilizing all eight of the Life Structures I knew I had found one of the important missing pieces I was looking for!  Quickly I began to see that to increase my success, happiness, and fulfillment in the Financial and Business/Livelihood areas of my life (areas in which I had been focusing and had reached a plateau) I needed now to be focusing on stabilizing my Health/Body Temple and my Community.  Once I understood that and began to take the steps to stabilize those areas (I have had the healthiest winter in 48 years and begun reconnecting with friends and creating new avenues for community in my life) other resources for increasing my Financial and Business/Livelihood starting showing up.  One of those resources was a Mindvalley Academy Masterclass with Jon Butcher, creator of ‘Lifebook’ ( a formula for creating an extraordinary life.  This was the second piece that had been missing!  As I integrated aspects of Life Visioning, Lifebook, Subconscious Reprogramming, my various other trainings, skills, and talents with communication with my Spiritual Guides, Angels, and the Goddesses and Gods I am aligned with, my Life became richer, happier, and holistically healthier.  My Big Vision and Mission clarified itself and continues to inspire and motivate me each day.  I know where I am headed, what steps I need to take next, what areas of my life to focus on, who I am here to serve, how best to serve, and how to move through the blocks and navigate the challenges that normally arise.  I have a system for co-creating the powerful holistic big life I’ve always wanted.  I want that for you!  So, in partnership with my Spiritual Team I have created the Create Your Powerful Big Life Bootcamp so you too can begin to experience the amazing effects of co-creating a life you love!

Create Your Powerful Big Life is a complete life-development & transformation system for creating your very best life. This process is unique and life-changing. Day by day, week by week, your insights will grow, your breakthroughs will build upon one another and your Powerful Big Life Vision will take shape, continuing to unfold even after the Bootcamp is over.  By the end of this 7-week Bootcamp, you’ll have created a powerful personal and spiritual development tool - your own personal Powerful Big Life Vision blueprint. Created by you, for you, and in partnership with your Highest Self and your Soul, your detailed action plan will be clarified and written out, your success strategies will be firmly in place, and you’ll be making daily progress toward your Powerful Big Life Vision.

Imagine the power that comes with having a tangible, crystal-clear representation of the person you want to become, the life you want to live, & the aligned direction to make it all happen! 

Through combining spiritual technologies that allow you to access your Soul’s Life Vision, with aligned action steps to stabilize your Eight Life Structures (Beliefs, Spirituality, Ego, Relationships, Finances/Prosperity, Community, Health/Body Temple, & Livelihood), Create Your Powerful Life moves well beyond solely setting personal or professional goals. It’s a holistic 360-degree life-development and transformation system for clarifying and realizing your very best life.

During this remarkable, interactive experience, I’ll guide you to connect with your Soul’s Big Vision & Purpose and then lead you through examining each of your 8 Life Structures one by one. Through a mix of thought-provoking content and deep self reflection, you’ll define exactly what you want in every important area of your life, why you want it, what gifts/talents/resources you already have access to, and what you need to release, foster, and then do to achieve it. 
Many people have a general idea of what kind of life they want to live throughout the years, spiritually, personally & professionally, but no specific blueprint or aligned plan to help them stay the course, focus their energy, &/or clearly move forward with the confident and consistent actions needed to birth their ideal life into reality. 

You can’t get what you want out of life until you know precisely what it is you want. And that’s exactly what the Create Your Powerful Life Bootcamp will help you discover - a crystal-clear Powerful Big Life Vision.
At the end of our time together you will have:
  • A dynamic blueprint aligned with your highest purpose & heart’s desires
  • The activated intention & focus needed to call your Powerful Big Life into being
  • Spiritual support from the personal spiritual guides, power animals, angels, & God/desses that are devoted to assisting you
  • Guidance from the elemental forces of creation
  • Clear direction on where to focus your energy and attention next
  • A lightness, excitement, and optimism about your life
  • Your abundance channels activated and open to receive all the resources needed to create the most fulfilling Powerful Big Life you can imagine!
Create Your Powerful Big Life is a 360-degree holistic life-development and transformation system for clarifying, creating, and, experiencing your very best life.  Imagine the power and freedom that comes with having a tangible, crystal-clear blueprint of the person you want to become, the life you want to live, the aligned direction to take, and, the inspired actions that will make it all happen!
This online Bootcamp lets you experience all the fun and magic of creating an abundantly powerful life from the comfort of your home.

All calls will be recorded and you will receive audio and video links to download so you can participate when the timing is convenient for you and have it to utilize again and again!

(Because this is the first time I will be leading this transformative Bootcamp I am offering Create Your Powerful Big Life Bootcamp at a special introductory fast action and regular price.  The next time I run this program the price will be double.)

Fee: $497 + HST  includes approx. 10.5 + hrs of training, audio & video recordings
SAVE $100 off until Feb 15, 2017 with coupon code SAVE100 at checkout.

Bootcamp starts Tuesday February 21/17
  7:00 pm to 8:30 pm EST training   
   8:30pm -9:00 pm EST Q&A