Animal Communication Level 1- Awakening Skills  

Begin to discover the joys of communicating with Animals! This course is one-of-a-kind and life changing!  95% of students who take the level 1 thru 3 workshops are able to communicate effectively and confidently with animals.  100% of all students say that their relationship with their animals and the animal world is greatly enhanced!

In this 2-day Level 1 workshop you will learn what Animal Communication is, reasons for doing it, how it works, as well as some of the protocols and ethics behind doing an intuitive session with animals.    

On Day 1:  

  • You’ll discover what Animal Communication is, reasons for doing it, the variety of ways Animal Communication can enhance your and your pet’s lives, and, how it works
  • You’ll learn about the different ways that intuitive communication flows and what forms of intuitive communication you already naturally have activated and ready to use
  • You’ll begin the process of growing your intuitive and communicative abilities by learning how to access, connect, and communicate with a personal Power Animal and begin communicating with Animal Guides.
  • You will learn what power animals, animal guides and totems are, how they differ and how to access and work with their medicine. A variety of easy quick intuitive communication techniques will be taught so you can discover and explore a few of the spirit animals who are available to share their wisdom with you. These simple yet powerful techniques lay the foundation for further, more advanced distance work on Day 2 with living animals as well as those who have passed over.

  On Day 2:  

  • You’ll start exploring a variety of other techniques to help you connect with animals and start to develop your own protocol.
  • Learn how to recognize your own way of receiving information on an intuitive level and how to build your trust in the process.
  • You’ll learn and apply clearing and releasing techniques to help you get past the blocks and fears that may be holding you back.  These wonderful techniques can be applied to other areas of your life and professional practice providing valuable tools that will serve you throughout your life! 
  • You’ll practice connecting and communicating on a distance level with other participant’s animals through pictures.

I’ve been providing professional Interspecies Communication to clients from all over the world for over 14 years and teaching others how to successfully do it for themselves for over 10.  As such I am delighted to share everything I’ve learned over the years – good and bad with you so you can attain your degree of competence in this area with more grace, ease, and efficiency.  Working with the animals and their people has been the biggest transformational catalyst in my life.  I am a much wiser, healthier, confident, and loving person because of them.  Nothing would make me happier than watching you expand into a greater awareness of who you are as you learn to activate and hone your intuitive communication skills.  Whether you want to add animal communication to your tool box of professional services, start your own Animal Communication business, save money on vet bills, or simply deepen your relationship with your beloved pet and/or the animal kingdom this transformational workshop will give you the beginning tools, information, and experience to achieve your goals!

Date: Saturday & Sunday November 18 & 19 2017   9:30 am - 5 pm

Location: KW/Cambridge/Guelph area  

Investment: $397 plus HST or 2 monthly payments of $225 plus HST  

 Save $100!!  Fast Action Pricing: $297 +HST or 2 payments of $175 +HST   * Fast Action pricing ends Monday September 18/17 at 11:59 pm EDT  

Class is limited to 10 people to ensure personal attention.  Register now to ensure your spot and begin your Animal Communication journey this November!  

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See what others have had to say about taking this course. 

“Good Evening Everyone, Just a quick note of thanks to you all for sharing your energies and wisdom this weekend. What an experience! Christine, thanking you especially for guiding us and lighting the way through this amazing adventure. I still cannot believe all that we learned and experienced. I look forward to working and growing with you all again.  Thanking you all   Most Sincerely Lee Andries” Burlington, ON  

“Hi Christine,  I just wanted to thank you for a great class on Saturday …  .I could have gone on for another few hours.  I felt like a sponge soaking up information.  Time just seemed to fly by – it was such fun!  Lee and I talked non-stop on the way home and spoke on Sunday to share our experiences that day!  You are so right when you say animals will start coming up to you … I keep telling them that I am learning and to have patience with me but they seem really anxious to have their say.   Thanks again and I’m really looking forward to Level 2 next year. Namaste, Helga”  

“I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the Animal Communication course on Saturday.  Thank you for sharing your teachings with me.  I am excited for the next level!” Jasmine, Etobicoke  

"Christine is an amazingly talented, gifted, & connected practitioner.  I  have taken her Animal Communication course, Christine has connected with our family dog, and Christine connected with my guides and Spirit when I needed some direction and affirmation that I was headed down the right path.  In all three encounters, I experienced genuine and extremely helpful insights, knowledge, and an understanding that only Christine can deliver. "  Heidi Cowie, Relationship Therapist, Speaker, Author,

"Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the introductory workshop 'Connecting with your Animal Spirit Guides & Communicating with Animals'!  The best lesson was to practive 'patience'.  If animal communication or my intuition doesn't happen immediately I must be kind to myself and give myself permission to say 'so what' (loved that) and then practice again!  And I think that is about everything in life.  The lessons that help bring one's awareness to the moment (dance, meditation, drumming) and then the practice of using your higher self/intuition was so effective.  The time Christine spent answering our questions was amazing, there were so many things I needed to understand and Christine shared and explained all of these things.  It was easy to have fun and learn with the additional info that she added with this course. " Patty, Burlington, ON

"Animal Communication is subtle.  Learning how to access information requires patience and commitment from both the student and teacher.  Christine is an experienced and effective instructor.  It is evident she wants her student to succeed.  I am so glad to have met Christine.  She has guided me through my learning, assisted me in clearing my blocks, and has supported my journey every step of the way." " I find I am getting as much from the classes the day after as I am while in class."

Tammy Adams, Advanced Animal CommunicationGraduate,

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About Your Instructor:   As a fourth generation intuitive, Christine has been talking to animals, Nature, & spirits for as long as she can remember.  Her love for all animals and nature led her to train and begin offering Inter-species Consultations and Training on a professional level in 2003. Over 10 yrs later Christine has now been working professionally as an Animal Communicator and Teacher serving clients all over North America and is highly recommended by veterinarians near and far.  In 2008 Christine added Shamanic Services and Spiritual & Intuitive Coaching/Consulting for her human clients after receiving guidance from her Animal and Spirit Guides that happy healthy balanced humans equal a happier healthier environment for all animals.   She now enjoys helping her clients of all species move from a state of pain, misunderstanding, and lack to one of joy, understanding, freedom, and loving abundance.   Additionally, her personal and spiritual experiences in healing her own abuse trauma and victim mentality make her uniquely qualified to help clients break free from the chains of fear and self-sabotage so they can experience authentic joy, have more fun, be abundantly successful, & contribute to transforming and serving the world on their own terms!   In April 2015 Christine completed an intensive Alchemical Creation Priestess Process with Lisa Michaels and received her Priestess name, "Priestess Saraswati Of The Unfolding Blue - Keeper Of Wild Wisdom" fulfilling a lifelong dream of deepening her service to Gaia and the Web of Life as she continues to help strengthen the relationship between people, animals, and nature.   As of April 2016 Christine has been gifted with the spiritual name of High Priestess Solionanda AuSet Ma having completed an intensive 9 month High Priestess Initiation Process.  Being a High Priestess allows Christine to continue deepening her commitment to the reclamation of the Divine Feminine & women's freedom, prosperity, empowerment, and healing.     An eternal student of life, spirituality, healing, & the natural world, Christine is continually searching for and training in the modalities and techniques that will assist her clients in the most powerful and efficient ways possible allowing her to bring a variety of traditional and intuitive skills to the work she does with all her clients.    In her spare time Christine enjoys spending time with her three children and is constantly learning from the family dogs, Shapiro and Violet, and cat Gloria. Although over the last couple of years many of Christine’s beloved animal companions, including her horse and teacher Chakra, have passed on, she continues to learn from them, work with them, and help other animals and people with their stories, medicine, and wisdom.