Prosperity Alignment Coach
Intuitive Consultant

 Unlock The Secrets To Your
Passion, Purpose, & Authentic Success!

I specialize in assisting spiritually-focused women entrepreneurs & professionals
who are ready to break through the chains of fear and self-sabotage so that
they can make fabulous money, be amazingly successful, and contribute to
transforming the world on their own terms!

Christine Riedel


Stop The Sabotage!

Live Event & Workshop

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Freelton, ON

Join me, positioning expert Simone Usselman-Tod, and copywriter extraordinaire Susan Crossman on learning how to Step Up and Step Out in Your Business!

Empowered Path to Prosperity is the way!

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Animal Communication Introductory

In-Person: May 3/4, 2014

Telecourse: May 7, 2014

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Raving Fans

"Christine brings a vast range of intuitive skill and talent to her business coaching and she is an important part of my business team. By expertly guiding me to the center of an issue, she facilitates me in the project of untangling it, and thereby helps me liberate myself into new levels of understanding and effectiveness. As a writer, editor and book coach, I need to maintain a high level of clarity so that I can be of greatest assistance to my clients. Christine's resourceful guidance is a valued component of how I do that."

-- Susan Crossman,

"Christine has many gifts that can help the lives of humans and animals alike. Her intuitive, calm and sensitive nature gets results that will astound you! When I first met Christine, she came to talk to a young stallion that I was working with. She repeated things to me about an incidence where only the horse and I were involved, and had phenomenal accuracy. It certainly helped both of us to move forward in a very clear and positive way!!! I would absolutely HIGHLY recommend Christine and feel blessed to have met her."

--Jill Robinson