Intuitively Powered Coaching & Consulting For You The Spiritually Gifted & Sensitive Healer, Coach, &/Or Spiritual Practitioner Ready To Free Yourself From The Limitations Of The Past, Return to Wholeness &  Re-connect To Your Divine Creative & Intuitive Wisdom & Manifestation Power.  


Does Life almost always feel like an uphill climb?

Do the echoes of traumatic experiences keep you from feeling truly joyful and alive?

More importantly, are you ready to stop struggling and start gliding into the life you were meant to enjoy?

If the answer is “Yes!,” I invite you to join me on a journey of awakening. It’s a journey that respects the walls you built around your heart to keep you safe from harm, and it’s a journey that honors you for surviving, the best way you knew how.

But it’s also a journey that takes you safely, step by courageous step, into understanding how those walls have also kept you from accessing personal resources to nourish your soul and connect you with Spirit. As long as those resources are blocked, you risk challenges to your health, relationships and precious dreams for the future.

I invite you to experience a metamorphosis into the true Self that awaits rediscovery. Together we will carefully dust away the debris of shattered hopes and expectations and reveal the joyful heart beating within your soul. Happiness is your birthright!

Like the butterfly that breaks free of its cocoon with grace and ease, I will help you finally break free of your shackles, release your shame and suffering, and soar into the Light. By learning to love yourself, embrace your power and dance with Life, you will be ready to share your unique light with the world and shine the magnificence of who you truly are into the lives of those you know and love.

with Love & Blessings, 
Intuitive Coach & Consultant, Master Inter-species Communicator, Shamanic Practitioner, Spiritual Teacher
Creator of the "Intuitively Empowered For Success" - Awakening & Mastering Programs

Raving Fans

Christine brings a vast range of intuitive skill and talent to her business coaching and she is an important part of my business team. By expertly guiding me to the center of an issue, she facilitates me in the project of untangling it, and thereby helps me liberate myself into new levels of understanding and effectiveness. As a writer, editor and book coach, I need to maintain a high level of clarity so that I can be of greatest assistance to my clients. Christine's resourceful guidance is a valued component of how I do that."

Susan Crossman

"Christine has many gifts that can help the lives of humans and animals alike. Her intuitive, calm and sensitive nature gets results that will astound you! When I first met Christine, she came to talk to a young stallion that I was working with. She repeated things to me about an incidence where only the horse and I were involved, and had phenomenal accuracy. It certainly helped both of us to move forward in a very clear and positive way!!! I would absolutely HIGHLY recommend Christine and feel blessed to have met her."

Jill Robinson

"Christine thank you so much for all your guidance, love and care. I am so happy to know that there is someone like yourself, who has such great insight and ability and can help me work my way around interesting situations that could throw me out of balance. Thanks also for the gold slippers. They seem to be doing a super job! My People Thank you too!
There are no wards that can express my thanks and gratitude for all that you’ve done for me in such a short period of time. Blessings, love and all those good things." 

Christine McDowell, Montreal, Quebec

  "Christine's insight and support have positively impacted and influenced every aspect my life.  She has assisted me to learn to believe in myself, helped me really trust my inner voice, experience the importance of speaking my truth and notice what comes when I do, as well as taught me how to follow the divine breadcrumbs that are put before me.  All of these things have brought me deep healing, happiness and allowed me to shine in a way I didn't know was possible."

Lianne Phillippson, Author, Nutritionist, Radio & TV personality,

    "Christine is an amazingly talented, gifted, & connected practitioner.  I  have taken her Animal Communication course, Christine has connected with our family dog, and Christine connected with my guides and Spirit when I needed some direction and affirmation that I was headed down the right path.  In all three encounters, I experienced genuine and extremely helpful insights, knowledge, and an understanding that only Christine can deliver. "

Heidi Cowie, Relationship Therapist, Speaker, Author,

"Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the introductory workshop 'Connecting with your Animal Spirit Guides & Communicating with Animals'!  The best lesson was to practive 'patience'.  If animal communication or my intuition doesn't happen immediately I must be kind to myself and give myself permission to say 'so what' (loved that) and then practice again!  And I think that is about everything in life.  The lessons that help bring one's awareness to the moment (dance, meditation, drumming) and then the practice of using your higher self/intuition was so effective.  The time Christine spent answering our questions was amazing, there were so many things I needed to understand and Christine shared and explained all of these things.  It was easy to have fun and learn with the additional info that she added with this course. "

Patty, Burlington, ON

"From adolescence until late middle age I experienced depression, at times severe and although medication and talking therapy gave some relief, the pattern of depressive response was ingrained.  Working with Christine helped me to shift that pattern, which means that I'm able to respond to life's offerings with an open heart and enjoy everything that comes.  Well, almost!  It is an astonishing change.

I highly recommend Christine's sensitive and gentle yet powerful working style, which can help one find the source of the most deeply rooted distress."

 Margaret Rees, Dundas, ON

"I just wanted to say thank you for your help last week.  I am doing really good.  I actually feel happy!  I am staying in my power and for the first time  I don't feel attached to the outcome.  It is amazing!  I so appreciate your support and guidance."

Jasmine, ON

"It was a pleasure having a session with you today, you helped me tremendously.  Thank you for your insight as it is helping me to move forward and feel at peace with my decisions & the choices I will be making."  Marce, Burlington, ON

" I want to thank you for giving me such clarity & peace......... Even though it was the most difficult decision for me to let him go that day, I knew it is how it was supposed to be.  I just did not trust it.  With much gratitude." G., Ontario

"" I wanted to send you an email to thank you for yesterday.  I walked in today and felt I had my office back!  I truly appeciate all the cleansing .......  thank you again."

Dr. S. N., Toronto

"Animal Communication is subtle.  Learning how to access information requires patience and commitment from both the student and teacher.  Christine is an experienced and effective instructor.  It is evident she wants her student to succeed.  I am so glad to have met Christine.  She has guided me through my learning, assisted me in clearing my blocks, and has supported my journey every step of the way."

" I find I am getting as much from the classes the day after as I am while in class."

Tammy Adams, Advanced Animal Communication Graduate,

"Please thank Christine for an amazing day!   I am so grateful that I took the class.  I amazed myself."

Janet Curtis, ON

"Dear Christine, your communication with Jasmine brought me joy & peace.   Thank you for this and the additional time you offered us.  I was especially glad to hear that Jasmine can breathe freely as the last period of her life she struggled to do so.  She was the most precious dog and helped me get through the challenges of the past few years.  I continue to talk to Jasmine and knowing she is willing to continue to try and help us is such a gift.  Thank you as well on behalf of my friend, Nancy.  She left here inspired to continue her search for Dexter.  You gave her hope and some very good ideas to focus on.  She was touched by your communication with Dexter........   I expect I"ll be in contact again before too long as your help has been invaluable on a number of occasions.  I'll always be grateful for your help ......"

Beatrice Kemp, Dundas, ON

"I am so grateful for you, for the calling you followed.  I am drained, beyond anything I have ever experienced but NO longer feel I have to carry anyone ever again ...... back to the beginning, my beginning and me working with you.  May God bless You as He has blessed me with You!"

Kim, Paris, ON

"Thank you for your help.  You are amazing! "

Annette Verhagen, London, ON

" I know that I thank you at the end of my sessions with Nick, but I did not know just how much you know how thankful I truly am to have met you and how truly thankful I am of your amazing talents.  The fact that I have been able to talk to the love of my life after losing him so suddenly, has truly helped in my grieving process.  You and Nick have helped open my mind to a whole different vision of life.  Thank you does not seem enough.  Thanks again!"

Pam, Florida, US


 New! Buy One Gift One Goddess Readings

Card images from The Goddess Oracle

Over 20 years ago I had my first connection and communication with an aspect of the Great Mother.  This event began the powerful process of healing I had been asking for and which still continues to this day.  Over the years my connection and communications with various aspects of the Divine Feminine increased in clarity, quantity, and importance.  Each Goddess has gifted me in ways I could never have imagined in every area of my life - personally and professionally.  It was Goddess Aphrodite who urged me to connect with my friend and colleague Linda and inquire about doTerra essential oils and how they could assist my health and increase my service in the arena of Women's Empowerment.  Goddess Sekhmet works with me to address my fears and step courageously into my power and lift my voice.  Mother Mary assists me when I am doing clearings and assisting lost souls to find their way home?  The wisdom and assistance all aspects of the Goddess bring is limitless. I to assist you in bringing Goddess energy, wisdom, and guidance into your everyday life. 

Are you ready to connect to the Goddesses that are around you? To reveal what divine energies, wisdom, and guidance are aligning with your goals & dreams this season? To feel their love and support? 

Goddess Readings are part channeled message, part intuitive coaching, part mythic guidance and lots of Goddess energy.  I bring my 15+ years of experience as a Channeler/Communicator and High Priestess of Goddess to each reading.    You bring your questions and energy. Together, we invite Goddess into the sacred space that we create and allow the messages to flow.

We will open the space for 2 - 3 Goddesses to come through and discuss the energies that are around you and affecting your life currently, as well as future energies that may influence you. There is an opportunity for questions.  Each session is approximately 30 minutes and the readings are done via ZOOM so you can see the pictures of the Goddess cards pulled.  All sessions are recorded. After the reading, I will send the recording and a photo of the initial spread.

During this Holiday Season You Will Receive An Additional Reading To Gift To A Friend Or Family Member For Every Reading You Purchase!

For a limited time get a Goddess reading with recording for only $75 + HST!
Plus receive an additional reading to gift to a friend or loved one!!

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To purchase go to the online store & click on Goddess Reading

*(Once your payment is processed please contact us at to let us
know the name of the person you will be gifting your gift session to)  

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