Are you or your animal companion struggling with emotional & spiritual pain, misunderstanding, disconnection, &/or loss of direction?

Do you 'know' that there has to be more to life than what you've been experiencing?

Ready to finally leave the past behind and soar into a life of prosperity and joy?

Would you like to activate and refine the intuitive abilities that are your birthright?

Together we will fill the void as you:

   Deepen your intuitive connection to deepen your Inner Wisdom & Guidance;

  Assist your pet in experiencing greater health, happiness, & a deeper richer relationship with you and your family

Cultivate a new found sense of connection, clarity, wonder, joy & empowerment;

 Experience freedom, wholeness, & unlimited abundance.

I look forward to assisting you!

Christine Riedel, CRM, CHT, CLC

 Shamanic Alchemical Creation Priestess  - Mistress Of Wild Wisdom

Spiritual Coach, Intuitive Consultant, Shamanic Practitioner, Inter-Species Communicator

Raving Fans

Christine brings a vast range of intuitive skill and talent to her business coaching and she is an important part of my business team. By expertly guiding me to the center of an issue, she facilitates me in the project of untangling it, and thereby helps me liberate myself into new levels of understanding and effectiveness. As a writer, editor and book coach, I need to maintain a high level of clarity so that I can be of greatest assistance to my clients. Christine's resourceful guidance is a valued component of how I do that."

Susan Crossman


"Christine has many gifts that can help the lives of humans and animals alike. Her intuitive, calm and sensitive nature gets results that will astound you! When I first met Christine, she came to talk to a young stallion that I was working with. She repeated things to me about an incidence where only the horse and I were involved, and had phenomenal accuracy. It certainly helped both of us to move forward in a very clear and positive way!!! I would absolutely HIGHLY recommend Christine and feel blessed to have met her."

Jill Robinson

"Christine thank you so much for all your guidance, love and care. I am so happy to know that there is someone like yourself, who has such great insight and ability and can help me work my way around interesting situations that could throw me out of balance. Thanks also for the gold slippers. They seem to be doing a super job! My People Thank you too!
There are no wards that can express my thanks and gratitude for all that you’ve done for me in such a short period of time. Blessings, love and all those good things." 

Christine McDowell, Montreal, Quebec

"From adolescence until late middle age I experienced depression, at times severe and although medication and talking therapy gave some relief, the pattern of depressive response was ingrained.  Working with Christine helped me to shift that pattern, which means that I'm able to respond to life's offerings with an open heart and enjoy everything that comes.  Well, almost!  It is an astonishing change.

I highly recommend Christine's sensitive and gentle yet powerful working style, which can help one find the source of the most deeply rooted distress."

 Margaret Rees, Dundas, ON


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